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Business and industry

Westport’s success will be from drawing on the supply chain’s significant experience and knowledge

Collaboration with business and industry

Westport’s success will draw on the significant experience and knowledge of businesses of all types within the freight supply chain. To do this Westport will engage with industry bodies to ensure the future port and supporting freight network is planned to move trade efficiently, while being adaptable to future growth and changes in technology.

A Supply Chain Industry Reference Group has been established to share these insights with Westport, provide strategic advice from industry on specific studies and Program activities and proactively share information with their member groups. Membership is currently being developed.

The Supply Chain Industry Reference Group functions are to:

  • Provide feedback on and raise any concerns with the work being undertaken to appropriately inform the development of the business case.
  • Assist with coordinating opportunities for industry to have input and provide strategic advice.
  • Assist in the dissemination of accurate information regarding the Westport Program within its respective local communities and local networks.

Westport will also seek innovative thinking and insights from the global and local market on trends and technologies relevant to future-proofing.

Contracts and tender opportunities for WA businesses

Westport is a long-term infrastructure program spanning the marine and transport industries. As the program is delivered there will be a number of opportunities for businesses to work with Westport.

Industry service and specialist providers are encouraged to register their services on the Procurement Register of Interest. Registering your service does not guarantee work or imply State Government endorsement but will be a list for Westport or major contractors to consider when seeking to procure work.

Westport opportunities will also be advertised via the Tenders WA website.

Westport's Consulting, Engineering and Construction Industry Briefing

On 14 May 2024, Westport held a briefing for the Consulting, Engineering and Construction Industry. At the briefing, Managing Director, Patrick Seares, discussed the upcoming conclusion of the business case stage, and expectations for the definition and delivery stage.

You can view a recording of Westport's Consulting, Engineering and Construction Industry Briefing here

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