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WAMSI Partnership

Westport has partnered with the Western Australian Marine Science Institution to deliver a comprehensive research program in Cockburn Sound.

WAMSI-Westport Marine Science Program

Westport has established a three-year partnership with the Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) as an independent science provider, to deliver a comprehensive research program that fills important knowledge gaps about Cockburn Sound’s ecosystem.

The WAMSI Westport Marine Science Program is one of the largest research projects ever undertaken in Cockburn Sound. Recognising the importance of Cockburn Sound, Westport is investing $13.5 million in environmental research and modelling to:

  • Establish environmental baselines and improve understanding of key ecological processes.
  • Help shape the concept designs and operational planning for the new port.
  • Inform mitigation strategies.
  • Complete on-ground ecosystem and restoration trials to inform a long-term restoration plan.

With around 150 scientists and researchers working across 33 projects, we will gain a better understanding of the area, which will be a key input into design, and leave a legacy of a better managed Cockburn Sound for all.

The results and outcomes of this research will inform Westport’s Environmental Impact Assessment and environmental approvals processes.

Westport are also working closely with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation on the management of Cockburn Sound. 

Research teams have started delivering reports for their work on the WAMSI Westport Marine Science Program. Reports will be published on the WAMSI website. 

Research Themes

1. Ecosystem modelling
2. Benthic habitats and communities
3. Water and sediment quality
4. Fisheries and aquatic resources
5. Hydrodynamic modelling
6. Social
7. Noise
8. Apex predators and iconic species
9. Coastal processes
  • WAMSI Westport Marine Science Program Fact Sheet

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  • Westport Marine Science Program

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  • WAMSI Westport Marine Science Plan

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  • Westport Seagrass Planning and Management Fact Sheet

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