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View the answers to some of Westport's most frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Westport?
What is Westport doing?
Why was Kwinana/Cockburn Sound chosen?
Where will the port be located?
What does the new port and supply chain design look like?
When will the port be ready?
How much will the new port cost?
Why can’t we expand the current port in Fremantle?
What will happen to Fremantle if the port moves?
Will a new port damage Cockburn Sound?
How will Westport prevent damage to the Sound?
How will Westport manage the environment at Cockburn Sound?
Will the port impact existing marine life?
Will I still be able to fish in Cockburn Sound?
Will the new port impact on beach access?
Will the Naval Base Shacks be impacted?
How will dredging affect Cockburn Sound?
What is the process for environmental review of the new port?
What is the Anketell and Thomas Road Freight Corridor?
At what stage is the planning for the future freight corridor?
Why has a PCA been enacted?
How can the community get involved?

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