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Westport is the State Government’s long-term program to investigate, plan and build a future port in Kwinana with integrated road and rail transport networks

Planning a world-class container port and trade network

While Fremantle’s Inner Harbour will continue to play a key role in trade for our State, a new container port for WA will not only ensure trade can continue to move effectively for hundreds of years to come, it will also provide an opportunity to establish a modern freight network that can adapt to future growth and technologies over time.

The scale and interconnected nature of a trade supply chain means a major port at this scale must be planned well in advance. This allows any future developments to be considered and gives the major construction projects that follow enough time to be carefully designed and delivered before trade bottlenecks happen in the future.

To support this thorough planning, the Westport Program is developing a business case that will recommend to Government high-level designs and best timing and means to transition from the Inner Harbour in Fremantle to the Outer Harbour in Kwinana.

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