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Read about our approach to our wide-ranging groups of stakeholders

Stakeholder relationships are key

Planning an infrastructure project of this size must consider several differing factors and stakeholder viewpoints. As such, maintaining positive stakeholder relationships is incredibly important.

Our stakeholders are wide ranging and include community-based interest groups, the logistics and transport industry, local businesses, people who live and work in the Fremantle and Kwinana region and more.

Working with Traditional Owners

Westport is working with Noongar people to consider how this project can benefit their community, and ensure cultural values are respected. Guided by Westport’s Noongar Advisory Group, Westport is developing a Noongar Opportunities Strategy.

Working with stakeholders

To design infrastructure that is fit for purpose we are working with industry, academics, local governments, community groups, and government agencies. Talking with those who work across supply chain and freight industries will help us to identify inefficiencies in the current system and new opportunities

Westport’s guiding engagement principles are:

  • Open: Being clear on engagement and accurate with information that responds to concerns, views and expectations.
  • Inclusive: Hearing our stakeholders, acknowledging concerns and engaging in a manner that fosters mutual respect and trust. We want it to be easy to engage with us and recognise stakeholders’ needs will change over time.
  • Collaborative: Valuing and acknowledging our stakeholders’ expertise, experience, support, input and time. Actively work across Government to avoid confusion and support a unified voice.
  • Respectful: Acknowledging concerns and engaging in a manner that fosters mutual respect and trust.
  • Proactive: No surprises by sharing information as early as possible, in many formats to suit different needs.


Recreational users of Cockburn Sound survey

As part of the WAMSI Westport Marine Science Program researchers are seeking participants for a social values survey focusing on recreational uses of Cockburn Sound.

This means we are interested to hear from anyone who visits Cockburn Sound for recreational activities like walking, swimming, boating, or even taking your horse to the beach.

Survey outcomes will help improve our understanding of how Cockburn Sound is used and valued by the community.

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