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Our vision and goals

A world-class container port and trade network, built with nature in mind, that unlocks Western Australia’s future economic prosperity

Program goals

It is a rare opportunity to plan a new port and road/rail freight network from the ground up, rather than as an extension of existing facilities.

This means new investment in ports and logistics infrastructure can be built to the latest global standards of technology, sustainability and efficiency while also building in the capacity for future change and innovation.

More than just infrastructure to keep trade moving, Westport is an opportunity to create significant benefits for our community and State. To make the most of this investment, Westport’s goals are:

  • Better trade outcomes for exporters, importers and the economy
  • Local economic growth and jobs creation
  • Acceptable impact on the State’s finances
  • Planning, building and operating the most sustainable port in Australia
  • Benefiting the community and Aboriginal peoples
  • Safety for workers and the community
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