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Westport Stage 2 Report

Visionary plan for future container port endorsed by Government

10 August 2020

The Westport Independent Taskforce’s recommendation for a new container port in Kwinana has been endorsed by the State Government.

Recommendations were based upon nearly two years of work, including a rigorous assessment process with two detailed multi-criteria analyses (MCAs): a rapid cost-benefit analysis and a strategic risk analysis.

Relocating to Kwinana will ensure trade can move safely, effectively and efficiently for decades to come. It will create new job and business opportunities, reduce the number of trucks within densely populated residential areas and allow for planning on Fremantle’s future.

Westport is now planning to identify design options for the new port and transport corridors that are sustainable and meet operational requirements; identify potential land requirements; and determine when and how the new infrastructure should be delivered.

Read the full update here:

  • Westport Future Port Recommendations Stage 2 Report

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