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Westport Community Update June 2024

Catch-up on the latest Westport news in our June community update.

02 July 2024

Upgrades to Kwinana Freeway and Anketell Road progressing

Main Roads WA has issued a tender that will progress road projects from the Westport Program. 

This represents an important step towards delivering critical infrastructure to support communities and pave the way for Westport.


This work will: 

  • Complete project definition for upgrading Kwinana Freeway, (Roe Highway to Thomas Road) to alleviate existing congestion for commuters and industry and improve connectivity to other freight and logistic facilities north-east of Perth.  

  • Complete project definition for upgrading Anketell Road between Kwinana Freeway and Leath Road, helping to improve access to the Kwinana Industrial Area, facilitate the construction of the port, and support eventual operations.  

  • Progress long-term planning for Anketell Road between Kwinana Freeway and Tonkin Highway in Oakford, including the amendment of the Perth Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) to protect Westport’s future freight route.    


Cockburn Sound home to more than 30 recreational activities  

What comes to mind when you think about recreation in Cockburn Sound?  

You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just a popular area for fishing. 

Whilst it is a favoured location for tackle enthusiasts from across WA, the ways the community uses and enjoys Cockburn Sound are as diverse as the marine ecosystem itself. 

Research undertaken as part of the WAMSI Westport Marine Science Program has shone a light on the myriad of recreational activities enjoyed in Cockburn Sound.  

Picnicking, dog walking, horse riding, bird watching, running, walking, scuba diving, swimming kayaking, kiteboarding, and sailing are just some of the activities recorded.  

Overall, 31 other recreation uses (excluding fishing) were identified. 

Recreation will remain a fundamental aspect of Cockburn Sound. This research has given us a broader view of how the Sound is used by the community and will help ensure our planning supports the WA community’s long-standing recreational use of the area.  

Westport’s summary of the report, and a link to the full WAMSI report, is now available on our new Science Reports webpage.


What is a business case and why should you care?

Submission of the Westport Business Case in the coming months represents a huge milestone for the Program. 

So, what is a business case? 

Essentially, a business case outlines a problem and provides the reasons that a preferred solution is better than other potential options. 

Our Business Case will demonstrate how we assessed different options to identify a preferred design. It will also answer questions such as ‘what’ the port facilities and supply chain upgrades will look like and ‘when’ they should be constructed. 

Infrastructure WA will review the business case and provide their independent evaluation to the State Government, to ensure our logic is sound and that the project can deliver positive outcomes for WA. As Westport will also be seeking funding from the Federal Government, the Business Case will also be reviewed by Infrastructure Australia.   

The WA Government will use the Westport Business Case to make an informed decision on further investment, which is expected in late 2024. 

Business cases are documents for Government to assist them in making decisions on projects. Over the coming months we look forward to providing more detailed information on some of the big questions, including design, timing, and cost. 


We want to talk to you! 

This month we’ve spoken to more than 90 people at community pop-up events.  

Conversations ranged from introducing Westport to answering technical questions about the road network. Some people specifically sought us out, whilst overs chanced upon us on their weekly shop at Rockingham Centre.  

We appreciate everyone who spared a moment to speak with us. These discussions help the team get a better understanding of what’s important to you. 

We are running more community pop-ups in July and encourage anyone interested to come along for a chat with our friendly team.  

Upcoming events 

  • Thursday, 18 July – Community pop-up at Kwinana Marketplace 

  • Saturday, 27 July – Community pop-up at The Local Farmers Market, Cockburn 


Community question: Will Westport be owned by foreign investors? 

We often receive questions about who will own and operate the port once it has been constructed.  

The WA Government will remain the owner of the new port facilities with Fremantle Ports responsible for operations.  

For more information, check out our latest community webinar, where we discuss frequently asked about timing, ownership, the future of Fremantle Inner Harbour, and fishing in Cockburn Sound.  


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