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Investigating Cockburn Sound’s seabed

Westport will soon start geotechnical and geophysical investigations into Cockburn Sound’s seabed

13 April 2022

As part of Westport’s Science Program, we will be conducting geotechnical and geophysical investigations into Cockburn Sound’s seabed.

Geotechnical and geophysical studies will fill key knowledge gaps about the composition of sediments and underlying rock layers, helping us to plan the engineering, reclamation and dredging requirements for the new terminal.

A geophysical survey vessel will emit and receive low levels of sound, which are not harmful to marine life, to predict the strength of geological layers under the seabed surface. This will help create a 3D model of the ocean floor and reduces the need for drilling.

Specialist drilling equipment will then collect limited geological cores to ‘ground truth’ the geophysical data and refine the 3D geological model.

Improved geological data is an important input into designing an innovative port and will help develop an environmentally sensible dredging campaign when required.

Working with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, geotechnical and geophysical studies are commencing this month.  

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