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Westport ESG Strategy

Westport’s ESG Strategy to help deliver positive outcomes for WA

25 January 2023

Westport’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy will guide our approach to ESG objectives during 3 Stage 3 ‘Business Case and Definition Design’ (2022 – 2024). The Strategy outlines Westport’s key commitment to: 

  • Deliver positive long-term benefits for the natural and physical environment,  
  • Create opportunities for social advancement, and  
  • Make decisions which benefit Western Australians with strong, transparent governance and reporting.   

The ESG Strategy is underpinned by Westport’s long-term vision to plan, build and operate Australia’s most sustainable, and first regenerative, port.  

According to Westport’s Managing Director, Patrick Seares, “There’s no reason why infrastructure development can’t look beyond minimising impacts, and seek out opportunities to rebuild, reconnect and regenerate environments.”  

Key objectives outlined in Westport’s ESG Strategy include improved environmental outcomes guided by a Working with Nature approach, a net zero port and supply chain by 2050, as well as a circular economy focused reducing, reusing and recovery during construction. 

The Strategy builds upon Westport’s previous work and aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as well key State Policies, including Supporting Continuous Improvement in ESG Outcomes for Western Australia. 

Westport will develop an Action Plan to guide the implementation of the Strategy, as well as meet with our ESG Reference Group to discuss environmental, social and governance initiatives across the program. 

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