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Thousands of baby snapper released

As part of the Snapper Guardians program, funded by Westport and Recfishwest, 45,000 snapper fingerlings were released into the waters of Cockburn Sound in February.

26 April 2022

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development collected the pink snapper eggs last year, hatching and raising them in tanks until they were ready for release. Hatching and rearing them this way increases the likelihood of the fingerlings reaching adulthood.

Snapper are a significant species for recreational fishers and the health of snapper populations are an important indicator for the overall health of Cockburn Sound.

As part of our partnership with the Western Australian Marine Science Institution, Westport’s Marine Science program will focus on building a greater understanding of Cockburn Sound’s ecosystem and its iconic species.

This work will help us to identify how the port could impact native species and their habitats, and plan how impacts can be mitigated or avoided.

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