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Keeping freight moving

What are the bottlenecks in WA’s container freight chain, and how can Westport smooth them out? These are some of the questions we will be asking when we consult with stakeholders across the freight and supply chain.

26 April 2022

Work is underway on Westport’s Landside Logistics Opportunities Study, which will shortlist conceptual designs for the supply chain system needed to support the future terminal.

Westport is consulting with stakeholders across the freight and supply chain to identify innovative solutions, new technologies and opportunities to move freight more efficiently, reliably and safely.

By speaking with the people who will use Westport’s terminal and integrated road and rail network, we will learn about the problems in the existing supply chain and discuss how they could be addressed.

Globally, landside logistics are evolving to deliver greater value for logistics operators, importers and exporters, as well as for consumers. An efficient supply-chain helps products to reach their destination faster and at a lower cost.

Once landside logistic options have been identified and shortlisted, they will be rigorously evaluated through Westport’s Supply Chain and Integrated Design project. Following this supply chain centric, systems approach we are considering all aspects of the supply chain in our designs to ensure better trade outcomes for exporters, importers and the economy.

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