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Connecting with the community at Fremantle Ports Maritime Day

At Fremantle Ports Maritime Day 2022, we raised awareness about Westport and the Future of Fremantle project as we continue to plan for the future.

31 October 2022

As part of Fremantle Ports Maritime day, Westport joined forces with the Future of Fremantle project team to talk to the community and maritime industry members about the State Government’s plans to relocate the port’s container trades to Kwinana and repurpose the remaining land for new uses.

The Future of Fremantle project is working in parallel with Westport to develop a vision and explore options for the longer-term redevelopment of Fremantle's Inner Harbour precinct, including the Victoria Quay Waterfront.

Together, we engaged with more than 200 visitors from the local and wider community who were keen to learn more about what the Westport Program and Future of Fremantle project mean for the port city. One of the most common questions was "When is the port moving to Kwinana, and what will it look like?", this will form a key part of the Supply Chain Integrated Design (SCID) project that will feed into the 2024 deadline for submission of Westport’s business case.

It was a great day connecting with positive and curious minds, with many attendees looking forward to hearing more about Westport as the project progresses. 

Learn more about the Westport Program here: westport-stage-3-overview-fact-sheet.pdf

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