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Westport Update October

Westport project update for October 2023

27 October 2023

Westport Update

The name Westport might give you the impression we’re just planning a port. But the reality is, Westport is about reimagining WA’s entire container supply chain, which extends far beyond the port footprint.

Westport is planning a new port and its freight network, including road, rail, and logistics. The project is considering everything from when a container ship arrives in Perth, to how the goods it carries are transported and distributed to thousands of locations across WA.

Talking to the community - Westport information pop-up in Kwinana

Over the last few months, you may have spotted the Westport team at your local shopping centre. We’ve held pop-up sessions to share information about the project with the community at Kwinana Marketplace and Cockburn Gateway City. We’d like to thank everyone who stopped by to say hello and speak to us about the project.

What we've heard, so far...

At recent community events, the main questions we're hearing, are:

What is Westport?

  • Westport is the State Government’s planning program to move container trade from Fremantle to Kwinana. This includes planning a new port, and its freight network, including road, rail, and logistics.

When will it happen?

  • Our current port infrastructure is estimated to run out of capacity by 2040. As part of our work, we’re investigating the best timing to construct and transition to the new port, to get the best economic, environmental, and social value for the WA community. We’ll provide recommendations to Government about development timings in mid-2024, as part of the Westport Business Case. The project still requires an investment decision from Government, and environmental approvals which are expected to take about 3 years.

We have more pop-up sessions coming soon. In the meantime, if you would like to ask a question or share your thoughts on the project, you can:

Complete our Community Survey or contact us.

A closer look at Kwinana 

Kwinana has long been identified as the best location for WA’s major port. It’s already a heavy industrial area with a working port, has access to 10 times more industrial land than Fremantle, and can accommodate more efficient and safer freight corridors.

Since the Stephenson-Hepburn Report in 1955, a long history of studies into possible new port locations in WA have consistently found Kwinana is the best option for our future container port.

Kwinana is the State’s primary heavy industrial area with existing marine infrastructure. This supports a busy bulk freight port, serving imports and exports of alumina, grain, fuel and more. Improved port infrastructure would provide better opportunities for industry and elevate Kwinana into a world-class global industrial hub, creating many new jobs and opportunities.

Over 40,000 tiny creatures recorded in first for Cockburn Sound

As part of Westport’s research partnership with the Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI), we’ve funded the most comprehensive survey of fish larvae in Cockburn Sound’s history.

Over the last two years, researchers have recorded over 40,000 of the tiny creatures from at least 50 families. Researchers are now analysing data collected to identify patterns of when and where fish congregate in Cockburn Sound during their larval stages.

The WAMSI Westport Marine Science Program is a $13.5 million body of research designed to fill knowledge gaps relating to the Cockburn Sound region.

Learn more about this story here.

You can also read about the cumulative impact assessment tool being developed as part of the WAMSI Westport Marine Science Program in our October Navigate newsletter. This will be a public resource available to industry, government, and the community to help understand different scenarios in Cockburn Sound.

Reminder to complete our community survey

We know there’s lots of questions about Westport. To help us understand what's important to you, we'd appreciate you taking 5 minutes to complete our short survey. Your feedback will help us address the things you care about most. Complete the survey here: 

What’s next for Westport?

Here’s a snapshot of what’s coming up for Westport:

  • Late 2023: Preferred design concept for container port and supply chain
  • Late 2023: Anketell-Thomas Road freight corridor updated concept design
  • Early 2024: Referral to EPA to determine level of environmental assessment
  • Mid 2024: Submission of the Westport Business Case to the WA Government

Want more detailed information?

Our Navigate newsletter dives deeper into the details of Westport, exploring the breadth of the project and looking at the science, technology, and industry engagement behind it. Read it here.


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