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Westport Update for January 2024

Welcome to 2024, a significant year for Westport, with our business case on track for submission to the WA Government in the middle of the year. Westport’s business case will include preliminary designs, construction timing and the approximate cost for the full program of works.

01 February 2024

Over the coming months we have lots of info to share and we expect there’ll be lots of questions. That’s why we’ve launched the Westport Facebook page! Make sure to follow us to receive updates and stories about Westport.

What we've heard so far

Thanks to everyone who’s participated in Westport’s online survey. We’ve received hundreds of submissions and wanted to provide an update on what we’re hearing so far.

You told us the parts of Westport you’re most interested in are the Anketell-Thomas Road Freight Corridor, the environment, road freight, and recreational use of Cockburn Sound.

Does this reflect how you feel? If not, make sure you complete our Community Survey to have your say. We’re extending the survey for another few months to capture as much feedback as possible.

Read more about the findings

Environmental Impact Assessment to commence early 2024

During February we will start Westport's Environmental Impact Assessment process, with referrals to State and Commonwealth regulators.

Referral is the first step in a long process, and the purpose of referral is to determine the level of assessment. The actual assessment is expected to happen in 2025.

Each stage of the process has opportunities for public comment and we will notify subscribers when all public comment periods commence.

Westport's EIA

Mapping the distribution of the bottlenose dolphins 

As part of our partnership with the WA Marine Science Institution (WAMSI), researchers have mapped the distribution of bottlenose dolphins. This will help develop a better understanding of the current number and distribution of these dolphins in Cockburn Sound and Owen Anchorage, as well as their patterns of movement as they forage across the seasons.

Project findings will be utilised by Westport to ensure future mitigation activities are designed and implemented with the greatest chance of success.

View Westport's summary of the report

Westport’s Navigate Newsletter 

To dive deeper into the design, science, and technical processes behind Westport, check out the latest edition of our Navigate newsletter. In this edition we focus on published reports from the WAMSI-Westport Marine Science Program and answer some industry questions about the Anketell-Thomas Road Freight Corridor.

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Westport’s preferred design 

In case you missed it, last November we announced the preferred design for WA’s future container supply chain, which includes a new port in Kwinana supported by an upgraded road and rail freight network and logistics hub.

View the design

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