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Westport Community Update May 2024

Catch-up on the latest Westport news in our May community update.

30 May 2024

Budget Announcements

Westport is a significant program of infrastructure. However, not everything is needed at the same time.

Earlier this month the Prime Minister announced a $33.5 million 2024-25 Federal Budget commitment to support Westport.

This was followed by the 2024-25 State Budget announcement of a further $70.2 million for Westport.

Among other things, this funding means critical projects, like upgrading Anketell Road and the Kwinana Freeway, are now being progressed to the definition stage, which is the next stage of planning. 

Community Survey

Our Community Survey will close on Friday, 31 May 2024. If you haven’t shared your thoughts on Westport, we want to hear from you. Your feedback will help us address the things you care about most.

At our recent community webinar, we explored the most frequently asked questions or comments received about Westport through the survey submissions.

Questions included:

  • Why was Kwinana chosen as the preferred location for a new container terminal?
  • How is Westport planning for increased traffic?
  • How will Westport protect seagrass and the marine environment?

You can watch the full webinar here.

Westport's Proposed Breakwater

Since 2020 we've known that a breakwater may be required as part of the future Port facilities in Kwinana, to protect ships at berth from waves and currents.

Over the past two years, wave modelling within Cockburn Sound and vessel mooring analysis identified that a breakwater is needed to ensure ships and the berths are protected from wave energy and can operate efficiently. Wave modelling, downtime analysis and testing under different weather conditions helped evaluate and enhance the breakwater design.

Port infrastructure, including the breakwater, will be investigated further as we move to the detailed design phase.

Opportunities to achieve positive environmental outcomes associated with the port infrastructure, including the breakwater, will also be investigated further as the project progresses.

WAMSI May Research Highlights Released

The Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) has released their May Research Highlights Brochure, exploring projects from the WAMSI Westport Marine Science Program.

This edition highlights the research investigating safer methods of sedating sea lions when fitting satellite tracking devices, studying the diet of penguins, recording noise levels from different types of vessels in Cockburn Sound, and more.

To read this publication, or any previous WAMSI research highlights, please visit their website.

WAMSI's work is building greater understanding of Cockburn Sound, which will help us to support the long-term health of this important ecosystem.

Visit our website to learn more about the status of the wide range of WAMSI projects.

Upcoming community events

Over June and July, Westport will be running information pop-ups around the Kwinana area. If you are interested in learning more about Westport from our team, please come and say hello.

Rockingham Centre

  • Thursday, 13 June
  • 10am - 2pm
  • 1 Council Ave, Rockingham. Look for us near Coles.

Port Coogee Village Shopping Centre

  • Thursday, 27 June
  • 10am - 2pm
  • Orsino Blvd, North Coogee. Look for us near Woolworths.

Kwinana Marketplace

  • Thursday, 18 July
  • 2pm - 6pm
  • 4 Chisham Ave, Kwinana Town Centre. Look for us near Woolworths.

The Local Farmers Market, Cockburn

  • Saturday, 27 July
  • 8am - 12pm
  • Nicholson Reserve, Yangebup. Look for the Westport signage.

For details about upcoming events visit our website

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