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Westport Community Update February 2024

We've got a range of new and ongoing activities for community to help you get the information you need and help us understand what's most important to you.

29 February 2024

Webinars addressing the big topics

We’ve kicked-off a series of short webinars to discuss the big topics. Thank you to everyone who’s attended these sessions.

So far, we’ve covered a Westport overview and the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process. You can view the recordings from our webinars below:

At our next community webinar on Tuesday, 5 March at 5pm we will explore Westport's Partnership with the Western Australian Marine Science Institution.

For information on joining our webinar or to catch-up on past recordings, click here. 

Speak with us at Coogee Live!

Our team will be at Coogee Live on 9 and 10 March, so come down and speak with us. We’re looking forward to sharing information about Westport, hearing your feedback, and answering questions.

  • Saturday, 9 March 10am – 7.30pm
  • Sunday, 10 March 11am – 5pm

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My Say Transport Survey

A reminder that our community survey is closing on 31 April 2024. If you haven’t already, complete the survey to help us understand what we need to get right in planning.

So far, one of the areas we’ve received lots of questions and comments about is Cockburn Sound. Here’s a sample:

What do we need to get right, in planning for Westport?
  • "Keeping Cockburn Sound healthy, environmental issues, marine life."
  • "It needs to be a world-class regenerative port."
  • "Minimal impact on the environment."
  • "The environmental integrity of Cockburn Sound."
  • "Make sure the environment is protected and considered a priority."
  • "Environmental impacts and recreational offsets."
  • "Minimise impact on fisheries resources and environment."
  • "Environmental impacts need to be thoughtfully and genuinely considered."
  • "Make sure the sea grass is protected."
So, how are we planning for the future of Cockburn Sound?

We acknowledge building new port facilities will have environmental impacts in the short term. However, we’re undertaking the most comprehensive science program in the history of Cockburn Sound.

We have a 3-year partnership with the WA Marine Science Institution. This program is developing the latest data, information and modelling on the species, complex environmental systems and community values associated with Cockburn Sound. 

The findings are shaping how we plan Westport – to minimise impacts and build the long-term resilience of Cockburn Sound. We are using WAMSI project findings to:

  • Inform the design, planning, and construction of port infrastructure in a way that avoids and minimises impact on the environment to the greatest extent possible.
  • Develop a targeted environmental program, including large-scale seagrass restoration and establishing new seagrass meadows, in a way that has the greatest chance of success.
  • Support a rigorous environmental impact assessment (EIA) process.

To see the full list of projects and where each is up to, visit: WAMSI Project Status | Westport

WAMSI highlights brochure

WAMSI has published its February 2024 Research Highlights brochure focusing on the science underway as part of the WAMSI-Westport Marine Science Program.

Articles in this edition include:

  • Blue swimmer crabs studied at all stages of life in Cockburn Sound
  • Volunteers spring into action to help seagrass recovery in Cockburn Sound
  • First WAMSI Westport Marine Science Program reports live on WAMSI website
  • Recreational fishers have their say in boat ramp and beach surveys
  • Volunteer beach walkers help with penguin surveys
  • Old records shed light on Cockburn Sound’s Syngnathids
  • Citizen scientist divers spot array of pipefish and seahorses

To learn more visit WAMSI's website.

Check out our latest Navigate Newsletter

Navigate is our technical, industry focused newsletter where we take a deeper dive into the planning, research, and processes behind Westport. To subscribe to Navigate visit this webpage, provide your contact details and choose to receive “technical and industry information.”

In our February edition of Navigate, our Managing Director outlines why Kwinana is the best location for WA’s new port facilities. We also look at how Westport is considering the workforce and innovation opportunities created by relocating container trade to Kwinana, discuss Westport’s Business Case, highlight ongoing community engagement activities, and focus on some of the science underway as part of the WAMSI-Westport Marine Science Program

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Pop-up at Kwinana Marketplace

Thank you to everyone who came and spoke to our team at Kwinana Marketplace last Friday. It was great to chat with locals about how they use the area and answer questions from the community. To find out about upcoming community pop-up events visit our website or follow us on Facebook.

Reminder to register for horse beach consultation

Westport will soon be seeking to hear from people who use the Naval Base horse beach at the end of Riseley and Barter Roads in Kwinana. To receive updates about opportunities to get involved, please register for Naval Base horse beach consultation.

Want to learn more?

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