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State Budget propels Westport planning studies

The 2022-23 State Budget shows Westport is key to the future of Western Australia’s trade network.

17 May 2022

The budget outlined a number of feasibility studies aligned to Westport will be undertaken to drive improved trade, economic and land-use development outcomes in the wider Kwinana and Fremantle areas.

This included a commitment of $7 million to investigate relocating vehicle and livestock shipping operations, which will be delivered by our program partner Fremantle Ports.

Westport’s enabling works will continue, including securing land for future freight corridors and port functions, as well as environmental offset works, and continue work on developing the business case.

Westport is working closely with its government partners to ensure we deliver a sustainable, efficient, and resilient trade and supply chain system

Photo thanks to our partner Fremantle Ports.

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