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Stage 3 opportunities for contractors

There will be many opportunities during Stage 3 for contractors to provide support, advice and work for Westport, one of Australia’s most complex infrastructure projects

01 January 0001

Westport is currently planning for a new port in Kwinana supported by efficient integrated road and/or rail transport corridors.

Planning a new port from the ground up is a massive undertaking and will require input across all sectors. It is an opportunity to be innovative in design, incorporate the latest technology and be a global leader in sustainability.

Over the next few years Westport will be seeking specialist knowledge and expertise in various disciplines, including systems design, infrastructure planning, environment and sustainability, and business case development.

In August 2021, Westport held a market briefing event to give industry specialists an update on Westport’s progress, procurement methodology, and next steps. This included a discussion of the tender process for the Supply Chain Integrated Design and Modelling (SCID) Westport’s largest technical package of work.

The best way to stay-up-to date with the latest opportunities to work with Westport is by registering at Tenders WA to be notified of future tenders.

For further information regarding Westport’s procurement processes, please contact our procurement team via

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