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The port

Planning the new terminal between the existing Alcoa Jetty and Kwinana Bulk Terminal

An efficient and sustainable port in Kwinana

In August 2020, the future container terminal location was confirmed between the existing Alcoa Jetty and Kwinana Bulk Terminal.

Westport will progress high-level designs for the terminal and marine infrastructure, including shipping channel, potential breakwater and back of port operations. This will include integrating PIANC’s Working with Nature principles.

Why was Kwinana chosen?

Kwinana was chosen due to its pre-existing industrial area that already supports busy bulk freight. For some time, it has served the trade of alumina, grain, fuel and more and has the capacity for the new terminal, along with an integrated road and rail network which can be built and enhanced to adapt to the future of trade.

It is WA’s first opportunity in over a century to plan a new port and freight network from the ground up, providing businesses and industry with the opportunity to bring innovative thinking to deliver a project that aligns with global standards.

Protecting Cockburn Sound

Since the 1950s, Cockburn Sound has become less resilient due to the growing pressure of increased recreational and industrial traffic in the area. This is why Westport has prioritised the long-term protection of Cockburn Sound in its planning.

We acknowledge that when construction starts there will be some impact to the local environment. Where possible these impacts will be avoided, mitigated or offset.  

A key priority for Westport during this planning phase is to take a science-based approach to better understand potential impacts and opportunities so that ecosystem health and resilience can be managed for generations to come.

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