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Anketell-Thomas early road concept design

Westport is sharing the early road concept design for the Anketell-Thomas Road freight corridor

Community and landowner engagement 

Work is now underway to develop a concept design for a freight corridor using Anketell and Thomas roads, which will connect Tonkin Highway with the growing strategic Kwinana industrial area and future port.

Land requirements are not yet confirmed, but we want to help potentially affected property owners and the wider community to understand what this may mean for them as the freight corridor concept design is refined. 

Westport is sharing the early road concept design to capture feedback. The concept design is the first phase of the freight corridor planning process, with the concept design expected to be refined following community engagement and technical studies over the next 18 months.

Find out more about the early concept design for Anketell-Thomas Road Freight Corridor.


Anketell-Thomas Road corridor online information session

View the event recording and Q&A from Westport’s Anketell-Thomas Road corridor online information session on 7 April 2022 below.

Recording of Anketell-Thomas Road corridor online information session


Event Q&A

1. What is the expected timeline to release detail of the final stretch of port entry?

The road design, and rail connection, west of Rockingham Road to the port terminal is expected to be finalised around late 2023.

2. Will the Lyon, Treeby, Mandogalup Rd intersections be signalised or roundabouts?

Main Roads WA currently expects theses intersections to be signalised, as roundabouts require more land, and we are trying to limit the footprint in this area.

3. Will there be any noise mitigation works to maintain resident amenity at the Lyon Rd intersection?

Main Roads WA will complete noise monitoring and modelling to assess the impact of the freight corridor design. This information will help identify what appropriate measures, such as noise walls, may be required.

4. Can you please provide more detail on access to and from Scovell Crescent and Tuart Roads?

The existing Anketell Road will be used as a service road to access properties along Scovell and Tuart Roads, with the freight route aligned to the north. Where roads are not grade separated, they will be configured to left-in / left-out to avoid interrupting vehicle movement and maximise efficiency.

Tuart Road will be converted to left-in / left-out. A right-out would be available at Thomas Road (which connects to Tuart Road). Scovell Crescent will connect to the existing Anketell Road, which will be a service road.

5. No access road is shown for the properties north of Anketell Rd. Will these properties cease to exist or will access roads be developed to De Haer Rd? (Near Tuart)

For safety reasons these properties cannot be accessed from Anketell Road. A service road to the north to access these properties would require moving the corridor to the south (which would impact other properties).

Westport is engaging directly with these property owners on the northern side of Anketell Road to discuss these impacts.

6. Has the original Mandogalup townsite (heritage) been considered? (Lots 77-80 is the original townsite. South side of Anketell Road, opposite Mandogalup Rd.)

The project team is aware of the various state and local heritage sites in the vicinity of the road corridor. As the concept design progresses, further investigations will be undertaken where required.

7. Have you considered RAV7 access to Armstrong Road from Anketell Road further to the west?

The freight corridor will be designed to RAV7 standard from Tonkin Highway through to Rockingham Road. Abercrombie Road will also be designed to RAV7 standard to service Latitude 32.

Armstrong Road is currently RAV4 and will likely remain so unless it is assessed as necessary.

8. How will noise be mitigated overall?

Please refer to question 3.

9. Will this road upgrade be able to handle perceived traffic volumes of both freight to Westport and car traffic (for the next 30 years or more years)?

Currently, Thomas Road, east of Nicolson Road, carries approximately 20,000 vehicles per day. Along Anketell Road vehicle numbers decrease significantly, before increasing again west of the freeway to approximately 15,000 vehicles per day.

High level 2040 and 2050 modelling suggest that up to 50,000 vehicles a day (including container trucks) will use this corridor. This early concept has been designed to accommodate the forecast traffic volumes. 

10. Our business is possibly going to be affected due to the final stretch of the port entry, when is Westport considering contacting affected businesses?

The final design for that section is not complete and is subject to further studies. However, Westport has contacted those potentially impacted by the last stretch of the freight route, connecting to the future terminal, and will continue to engage them as planning progresses.

As mentioned in the Q/A session, please contact Westport to discuss this further.

11. This is a bushfire prone area. Left turn in and left turn out lanes limit options for people fleeing a potential bushfire. How will this be mitigated?

All access will be considered in line with the requirements of State Planning Policy 3.7 – Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas for the provision of bushfires and emergency access requirements. In the case of an emergency, there would be traffic management on site to facilitate movement away from areas at risk.

12. When would construction of the roads start and when will they be complete?

Construction staging and timing for Anketell-Thomas Roads has not been determined as we are only in the early stages of planning. More will be known as the final concept design progresses to late 2023.

13. Can the concept plan PDFs shown here be shared?

An accessible concept plan will be made available on the Westport website.

14. What about noise mitigation between Kargotich and Nicholson Roads for the special rural properties on the North side of the road?

Please refer to question 3.

15. Has Thomas Rd West of Kwinana Freeway to Rockingham Road been considered and also Thomas Rd East of the Freeway directly through to Nicholson Road rather than altering Anketell road as much?

Anketell Road will connect directly with the proposed future container terminal, via an extension west of Rockingham Road. As the majority of container trucks will continue to have destinations to the north of the terminal, using Thomas Road as the primary port freight access route would increase travel distance and reduce freight efficiency.

Thomas Road will remain an important regional road, as it runs past Kwinana and carries high commuter and light vehicle traffic. Thomas Road would be less appropriate as a major freight route, as it is essential to separate lighter vehicles from heavy freight vehicles in the interests of road safety and freight efficiency. 

16. How are you protecting the flora and fauna at the Jandakot Regional Park?

Every effort is will be made to avoid environmental impact, and where it cannot be avoided the design will aim to minimise impacts and rehabilitate where possible.

The Anketell-Thomas concept design has minimal impacts to the historically disturbed area along the Jandakot Regional Park boundary, which is shared with the current road reserve

Main Roads WA has undertaken flora, vegetation, and fauna surveys to inform the preliminary design, and further surveys are planned to inform these designs as they progress.

17. Can you please explain the alternative RAV7 route to latitude 32 rather than Armstrong Rd.? Our business is forecasting over 0.5M tonnes of bulk freight in and out per year.

Please refer to question 7.

18. Will Tuart Road be upgraded to cope with the increase traffic volume?

Tuart Road would likely not carry higher traffic volumes, but there would likely be a slight increase in right-turning vehicles. As work progresses, Tuart Road may be assessed to determine if upgrades are required.

19. When would construction of the roads start and when will they be complete?

Please refer to question 12.

20. Will there be traffic lights at the intersection of Tuart and Thomas to cope with traffic? This is a blind intersection.

The need for traffic lights at the intersection of Tuart and Thomas Roads will be assessed during planning for the duplication of this section of Thomas Road.

21. Will landowners in the residential areas adjacent to a four-lane freight road be compensated for the lost value in their residential property?

Property owners are not eligible for compensation caused by potential impacts from an upgraded road, such as decreased amenity (noise, visual) or increased traffic volumes.

Landowners with property fully or partially within the proposed Planning Control Area are eligible for compensation. Any affected landowners will be contacted directly to discuss their options.

22. Why can't Thomas and Anketell be avoided by using McLaughlin Rd further down Thomas Rd?

Please refer to question 15.

23. Was sinking the freight road considered?

The construction of underground infrastructure is cost prohibitive and is mainly used in built up areas where there is no opportunity to accommodate infrastructure at ground level.

24. With the understanding that drainage and interchanges will be included, what is the basic width of the road (4 lanes, median strip, and verge)?

The road cross-section has been minimised to limit land impact. The standard four-lane cross-section allows for a concrete median barrier, 1.5m median shoulders, 3.5m lanes, 3m sealed verge shoulders and 2.5m unsealed verge shoulder to light poles. The verge width varies depending on location.

25. Can you please clarify what access the current Anketell Road, which I understand under the plan will be turned into a side road, will have to the Freight Route? From the presentation I understand there will be a left in and left out at Tuart Road. Will there be access to the west to the freight route? From what I understand from the Anketell Structure Plan Treeby Road will be extended to Thomas Road and in that context has there been any consideration be given to connect the end of Battersby Road to Treeby Road thus allowing residents from the Scovell Crescent area another mode of egress from the area in the event of bushfire?

Between Tuart Road and Battersby Road the existing Anketell Road will be retained as a service road to provide access to properties along this section of Anketell Road.

The draft concept design includes a new east-west service road linking Battersby Road to the Anketell South structure plan area to the west at Lyon Road. Connecting Battersby Road to Treeby Road further west would require additional land and has not been allowed for.

While Tuart Road will be converted to left-in / left-out on Anketell Road, all movements would be available at the Tuart Road and Thomas Road intersection.

26. What measures are being proposed to allow wildlife to move between parts of the regional park which is on both side of the freight route between Tuart Road and Thomas Road?

Managing fauna and flora will be considered as the project planning progresses. During the environmental assessments a fauna management strategy will be developed.

27. I assume some of the traffic along the freight route will be carrying hazardous material. What provisions are being proposed if the freight route has to be closed to clean up a spill or due to a traffic action? Will traffic possibly be diverted on other roads in the area?

The transportation of dangerous goods is regulated under the Dangerous Goods Safety (Road and Rail Transport of Non-explosives) Regulations 2007 and Dangerous Goods Safety (Explosives) Regulations 2007. All freight vehicles carrying hazardous materials and the freight road will be subject to relevant legislation.

28. Is there going to be any provisions for hydrogen and electric recharging along the new access road or even at the Westport port facility?

Westport is committed to delivering a sustainable port and supply chain strategy and will consider carbon-neutral options, and new and emerging technologies, as work progresses.

Work is underway to develop a Westport Sustainability Strategy to guide the future port and supporting freight network’s planning, design, construction, and operation to achieve broad economic, social, and environmental benefits for Western Australia.

29. Are you aware that our 1000 containers / hour port crane intermodal system could include 200 hydrogen powered hoist systems, based on the H2X Global truck platform?

Please refer to question 28.

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